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Relation between Sanosil AG, head office, Switzerland
and Sanosil Biotech Private Limited, India

This notice is being issued by Sanosil AG, head office, founded in 1982, producer and patent holder of the original Sanosil disinfectants, having its registered place of business at 8634, Hombrechtikon, Switzerland, to inform that we do not have any ongoing business relationship, in the nature of a technical collaboration or otherwise, with Sanosil Biotech Pvt. Ltd. (SBPL), India.
Accordingly, Sanosil AG have no nexus whatsoever in relation to the products manufactured and sold by this company (products under the name Virosil Pharma, Virosil F&B, Virosil Agro, Virosil Floracare).

These products offered by SBPL do not comply with the up to date Sanosil AG technology, do not comply with the valid Sanosil patent and are not manufactured in Switzerland by Sanosil AG.

Accordingly, we inform you hereby that anyone purchasing non-original Sanosil products manufactured and/or marketed by Sanosil Biotech Pvt. Ltd. under our trademark, i.e. ‘SANOSIL’, or is otherwise dealing with SBPL in relation to such products in any manner whatsoever, Sanosil AG will not assume any responsibility or liability.

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Infringement rights of Sanosil AG

If anyone chooses to purchase or deal with such products, the same shall be done at his/her own risks.

Sanosil AG further reserves the right to take legal action against any person and company that is performing or is involved in acts that amount to an infringement of the rights of Sanosil AG in its trademark ‘SANOSIL’

It is also informed that Sanosil Biotech Private Limited has no right to use our trademark ‘SANOSIL’ in relation to the products manufactured by them.

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Original Sanosil disinfectants

Original Sanosil disinfectants:
The original Sanosil products Made in Switzerland are available either directly from Sanosil AG, Switzerland, head office or from one of our official, certified Sanosil representatives.

Sanosil products in the original quality, developed and manufactured in Switzerland.

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